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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has spawned decades of influence into the conscious community and has lent much to the evolution of a Nation. It's because of this everlasting essence that many will emerge to dedicate their own life's pursuits into selflessly striving to continue this legacy. Out of this embodiment comes one man who is doing just that. Traveling from coast to coast, he is known to International communities, including The Divine Moorish Nation and The Temple of Hip Hop, as Sabir Bey.

Bey continually takes action within an ongoing mission of bringing historical cultural awareness and the sciences of civics to communities all over the map. Sabir is constantly on the move with film production and DVD releases, two live-streaming Internet series (including "Real Barbershop Talk" and "The Sabir Bey Show"), highly sought after lectures on college campuses and cultural centers, inclusion into live events and panels, teaching civics classes and workshops, touring with other known speakers and celebrities, engaging in "round table" committees and much more! He often covers the topics of Culture, Moorish Heritage, Constitutional Law, History, Health …and of course, Hip Hop!

In the past, Sabir has served as a legal consultant for the Philadelphia Judicial System, providing insight and understanding on legal procedures, court proceedings and lawsuits. He currently offers consultation on an individual basis, both in-person and via telephone platform, and is readily available to aid those in need with information and reference.

For the past fifteen years, Sabir has been on the move and on a personal journey into creating a legacy of his own to leave behind for future generations of youth within this International community. His passion to create something better comes from understanding that life doesn't always have to be as hard as we make it and that finding understanding in who you are enables barriers to become diminished and for all things to become possible. Growing up in Philadelphia, he was faced with a multitude of troubles faced by most males within the community and decided making a difference was his purpose in playing his part to create a better atmosphere for the future to thrive. At a young age, his research and studies began. Upon maturity, his mission commenced.

His journey proceeded into the creation of radio talk show on Philadelphia's WURD 900 AM. Here he hosted the show he dubbed "Cival Alert," bringing critical awareness of political science in the corrupt World audiences were living in, over the course of four-and-a-half years before taking the show to WNJC 1360 AM in New Jersey. This point of his career also lent to the creation and distribution of a newspaper, mirroring his "Civil Alert" talk show, under the "Civil Alert" brand.

As demand for his work grew, his career took to new heights. Producing "Hip Hop After Midnight," he continued on to WKDU 91.7 FM Philadelphia. This show was designed to revive the balance between Hip Hop, as a culture, and Rap Music, as a genre, in which is often forgotten amongst audiences in today's society. "Touring with KRS One and gaining more knowledge on Hip Hop, he joined the Temple of Hip Hop. Sabir toured with Afrika Bambaataa acquiring greater insight into Hip Hop and now serves as a Minister of Recruitment for the Universal Zulu Nation under the direction of Bambaataa."

Over time, his following expanded and his demand grew. Today, you are able to attend his lectures throughout the United States and enroll in his weekly civics classes. You can take part in events hosted by Sabir and his affiliations. He regularly releases productions and hosts both series to the World, while being featured on productions by other influencers of today, including his role on "Hidden Colors." The objective to each event and appearance is to bring awareness and create positive change for these future generations. His means of doing so is through "edu-tainment" where he always reminds you to "Bring a pen, tell a friend!" Join him in this vision for a brighter world, today!


Releases by Sabir Bey Productions include:

  • "The Truth is No Joke (Featuring Comedian, Tommy Davidson)"
  • "The History of Noble Drew Ali (Co-Production by Mel Jackson)"
  • "The Nicene Council of Hip Hop (Co-Production by Norris Francis of TurtleGang Edutainment)"
  • "The African Curriculum with Dr. Kaba Kamene (LA Edition)"
  • "The African Curriculum with Dr. Kaba Kamene (Philly Edition)"
  • "The Elder Speaks with Dr. Leonard Jeffries"



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